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Superbot - Special Offer: Top 1000 inputs and AIML Categories for only $299!

The ALICE A. I. Foundation is now making a subset of the Superbot data available for only $299! Specifically, we have released the top 1000 categories for this remarkable discounted price. The Superbot data is more valuable at the top end of the list, because the higher frequency patterns cover more of the input that your bot will encounter. In fact, the top 300 patterns alone cover about 50% of all the inputs. This phenomenon is known as the ELIZA-effect.

ELIZA was the first chatterbot, developed by MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966. The ELIZA program created a remarkable illusion of intelligence for its time, yet contained only about 200 patterns and responses, the equivalent of 200 AIML categories. In comparison, the ALICE Silver Edition contains about 120,000 AIML categories. Yet most of these categories are very specific seldom activates. You can actually create a bot that seems fairly intelligent, for many applications, with as few as 1000 categories.

For professional, corporate and large scale projects, we recommend the full 10K Superbot, but for students, hobbyists, small businesses, and those getting started with chat bots and AIML, the 1K Superbot is an excellent value.

The Top1K Superbot is exactly the same as the original 10K Superbot, but pruned to 1000 AIML categories. You will receive the data both in spreadsheet format for sorting, as well as in native AIML format.

Buy the Superbot 1K data now for only $299.00 USD.


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