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Superbot - The Easy Way to Create Your Own Custom Bot

Are you creating a chatbot or virtual assistant? Do you want to integrate an artificial intelligence character into a game, virtual world, website or mobile app? Have you ever wanted to create your own totally unique custom bot character, as smart as Siri, Jeannie, ALICE or Mitsuku, but with a completely different personality? Where do you start?

The ALICE A.I. Foundation has released a totally new AIML Superbot Development Kit, making it easier than ever to create custom chatbots and mobile virtual assistants. Based on the popular AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) standard, the Superbot provides a pathway to rapidly building your bot's knowledge base. The character you create can be run on a variety of AIML platforms including Pandorabots.

Special Offer - Free Consulting

We are now offering 2 hours of free consulting time with your Superbot purchase. You will be able to talk directly by phone or Skype with Dr. Richard S. Wallace or another AIML expert and receive support and help with your bot project.

Use your consultation time to get specific answers to all your questions about bot content creation and help with your project, including help linking the bot to voice recognition systems, avatars, speech synthesis, mobile apps, embedded systems and other third-party software.

Buy the Superbot 3.2.1 for 999 USD.

What people say about the Superbot

"The Superbot script helps a lot." -- Ron C. Lee, Pasadena City College

"If I were recreating Buddhabot today I probably would have started with the Superbot program but this was not available to me in 2004" -- Ron Ingram, Godsbot

"an interesting resource...a decent value for such data." -- Andrew Stren, Grand Text Auto.


Superbot 3.2.1 Key features

Using a spreadsheet editor, you can organize the AIML categories by activation count, <pattern>, <that>, <topic>, <template> or file name. You can edit the bot responses, or choose to keep the sample responses provided with the Superbot. Once you are happy with the result, you can convert your spreadsheet files to AIML and run the bot.

You can edit the filename column to move categories between AIML files. When the conversion program rebuilds the AIML files from the spreadsheet data, it will place each category in a file with the specified filename.

By sorting on the <template>, for example, you can easily find all the input patterns that activate a single response through <srai>. If you are building a mobile app that can respond to questions about the device battery level, for example, you can easily view the various AIML patterns that will activated a category called BATTERY LEVEL.

The ability to quickly sort the AIML by activation count, pattern, that, topic, template or filename makes it easy to navigate through a complex virtual assistant brain, make changes and corrections where necessary, and publish the AIML files for use in your application.

The Java program supplied with the Superbot runs on most modern PC and Mac computers. You can use this program to convert the spreadsheet files to AIML, or to convert your existing AIML files to CSV spreadsheet format.

The AIML files you create are your own proprietary content. You can modify the contents of the Superbot and pubish a unique personality through Pandorabots, CallMom or another AIML system.

The Superbot also includes a file of the top 10K inputs found in chat logs on our server. This data provides a test suite for your bot, so that you can check to see if it responds correctly to the most frequent input phrases. Here is a sample of the top 30 of these inputs, displayed in spreadsheet format. The Rank column displays the order from inputs from most frequent to least frequent. The Count column indicates the number of times each input was recorded (from a sample of 500,000 inputs). The Input column contains the normalized inputs.

Superbot FAQ

What is the Superbot?

The Superbot is a development kit for creating your own unique bot. You use the Superbot to create your own bot character's personality. The bot you create can run on any standard AIML platform, including Pandorabots and CallMom.

What is the advantage of Superbot over Free ALICE?

You have a business, ad agency, research project, or government contractor that wants to put a bot on its website or mobile app. Or maybe you are developing a game character or teacher bot or another innovative chat bot application. You can get a free copy of the ALICE brain but the problem is, even though she is very smart, she often says things you don't want her to say. The Superbot solves that problem by allowing you, or a technical writer on your team, to create the bot personality through a simple question-answering and word-association process. Now, you control what the bot says.

What if I am not using AIML?

The Superbot data is incredibly valuable no matter what bot programming language you are using. The data is based on Zipf's Law, which tells us that the distribution of inputs in natural language follows a 1/x distribution. No matter what kind of bot you are creating, it is well worth having the most frequent inputs as a test set for your project, because it covers all of the most common inquiries your bot will encounter.

Can I use the Superbot to create more than one bot?

Yes, our end user license agreement allows you to create as many bots as you want from the Superbot data. Also, these bots become your own intellectual property, because you write the responses. Unlike ALICE Free Software, the Superbot is the basis for creating bot characters that you can own.

The only thing you can't do with the Superbot, is to resell the Superbot itself. The ALICE A. I. Foundation reserves the exclusive right to market and sell the Superbot product.

Can I also use Free ALICE files with Superbot files?

Absolutely. You can mix and match files from the Free ALICE AIML or other free AIML sets. Strictly speaking, under the rules of the GNU public license, you only have to put your AIML under the GNU license if you distribute the software. But if you are developing a proprietary server-based or embedded application, there is no problem mixing free ALICE AIML files with your customized Superbot files.

Can I buy the Suberbot for a discounted price?

Yes! If you are a student, academic researcher, hobbyist, senior or disabled, and you plan to use the Superbot for non commercial purposes, you can get a discounted Superbot license. Please contact for more information.

How does the Superbot 3.2.1 differ from earlier versions?

In 2005 we released the first version of the AIML Superbot. Specifically, the ALICE bot consists of over 120,000 patterns and responses. By mining our conversation logs, we uncovered the top 10K most activated patterns. We made those patterns available in a convenient XLS Spreadsheet format.

The Superbot 3.2.1 is completely redesigned for the era of intelligent mobile apps. The AIML reductions have been completely rewritten and edited. The sample bot responses modified from ALICE responses to a more up-to-date personality, suitable for commercial applications and mobile apps. The Superbot now includes a program to convert between CSV and AIML formats, so that you can easily edit the AIML in popular spreadsheet editors.

I already purchased a version of the Superbot. Can I upgrade?

Yes! The Superbot 3.2.1 is available as an upgrade for earlier versions of the Superbot for only $199. If you previously purchased a Superbot from the ALICE A.I. Foundation, click here for an upgrade offer.

More Questions?

Contact Pandorabots Sales at +1-415-343-5894 or Email with your questions about the Superbot.

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