Program D Release Notes

authors: Noel Bush, Kiml Sullivan, Thomas Ringate, Pedro E. Colla
Last updated: 30 April 2002

The latest version of this document, including whatever apologies, retractions of libel, revisionist self-justification, etc. can always be found at Probably.

Versions documented here:


The saga continues. Thanks for contributions, tips, assistance with this release to Anne Kootstra, Jonathan Roewen, Sven Seelig, Denis Sheynihovich, Kim Sullivan, Andrew Teal and Richard Wallace.
- Noel

What's New

This release of Program D is significant for stability and important functionality improvements. Here is a list of highlights:

Important Notes on System Requirements

Program D 4.1.5 requires a JVM or JRE that is compatible with the Java 2 Platform version 1.4. If you do not intend to modify the source code, you can download just the JRE (Java Runtime Edition), which is significantly smaller than the SDK (about 9MB as compared with ~40!).

The current reason for the Java upgrade requirement is an internationalization-related issue that may not pertain to all users. If the upgrade is onerous for you, post to the alicebot-developer mailing list for assistance with learning the necessary steps to build a version that will be compatible with JDK 1.3.

Significant Open Issues


Bug fixes and miscellany by Noel Bush.

Functional fixes

Functional improvements

Code improvements, changes

Other notable changes


Major cleanup and optimization work by Noel Bush. User authentication implementation sponsored by Artificial Solutions AB.

Functional improvements

Code improvements, changes


Finally it's here -- the final reference version of Program D! Big thanks to Tom and Pedro, who have taken upon themselves the difficult task of bringing the reference implementation as close to the AIML 1.0 specification as possible. Their work has finished now -- the server is fully under the GPL, and you can safely use version 4.1.2 as a reference base for further development. If it's good, your work may even be incorporated into the next release!
-Kim, Tom and Pedro


Another update of the reference version by Thomas Ringate and Pedro E. Colla. It features a rewrite of the template parser, support for stack variables, re-added some lost features (scripting, substitutions). The way bot properties are handled also changed. For instructions on how to set up the server, see _readme.txt.
- Kim, Tom and Pedro


This is the 'reference' version Thomas Ringate and Pedro E. Colla have been working on. It is intermediate work in progress, with the goal to make Program D AIML 1.0 compliant. Currently, in version 4.1.0 ref, the support for AIML 1.0 is partial and achieved thru quick fixes. For the most part, AIML 0.9 is yet supported.

Don't use this release as a base for further development, there will yet be major changes in the code. The next release 4.1.1 will hopefully adress the above issues within the next 2 weeks.
-Kim, Tom and Pedro


Now comes WITHOUT any AIML, you must install an aiml set manually and configure it in the file (pointers are in the bots/readme.txt file), otherwise you will get a 'FileNotFoundException'. You can get some AIML files (as well as the latest server release) here:


First release out of the CVS, included Jon Baer's AIML set.

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