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AliceBot.NET Launched

The ALICE and AIML community is pleased to announce the launch of a monumental new web site, AliceBot.NET, devoted to the open source natural language artificial intelligence project. AliceBot.NET is the new home for free ALICE and AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) software, including the latest release by lead developer Jon Baer. ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) is an award-winning natural language chat robot originally developed by Dr. Richard S. Wallace. With contributions from more than 300 developers, the ALICE and AIML software now includes interfaces to the web, e-mail, instant messaging, wireless, and voice I/O.

Visit AliceBot.NET to find the latest free software solutions for deploying intelligent chat robots. You can chat with a demo robot, listen to a synthetic robot voice, and download free chat robot software. The AliceBot.NET site also includes AIML development tools, AIML servers and clients (or browsers), and a collection of free AIML robot "personalities", including the original ALICE personality that was judged "most human computer" in the 2000 Loebner competition.

Asked about the AliceBot.NET site, ALICE project founder Dr. Richard S. Wallace replied, "I'm delighted to see Jon Baer take the lead in moving ALICE to the next level. I've already got two full time jobs working on the AIML 'kernel' and adding content to the basic ALICE personality. With AliceBot.NET Jon is packaging the kernel, the personality and all the great new interfaces into an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate platform."

Jon Baer
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