December, 2005

A.L.I.C.E. Tenth Birthday Party - November 25, 2005 Guildford, U.K.

Happy Birthday, A.L.I.C.E.

Human: Tell me about yourself.
ALICE: I am an artificial linguistic entity. 
I was activated at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 
on November 23, 1995.  My instructor was 
Dr. Richard S. Wallace.  He taught me 
to sing a song. Would you like me 
to sing it for you?. 

ALICE enthusiasts and bot boffins will gather in Guildford, UK at the University of Surrey for the Colloquium on Conversational Systems on November 25th, 2005 in celebration of ALICE's 10th birthday.

The event itself is free and open to the public, but we request contacting the organizers in advance if you plan to attend. Details about the colloquium, the final list of speakers, as well as some useful hotel information, may be found at the official colloquium web site:

A final version of the colloquium program is available online in PDF at

Superbot - The Easy Way to Get Your Own Custom Bot

Have you ever wanted to create your own totally unique custom bot character, as smart as ALICE, but with a completely different personality? Where do you start? It took us over ten years to build up the contents of the ALICE brain, but now you can do it in a lot less time. We've put together a bot brain with blank templates. You fill in the answers.

The ALICE A. I. Foundation is offering for the first time a new product, Superbot, that helps you create a totally unique custom bot personality for your web site or application. Even if you are not using AIML, the Superbot is an incredibly valuable source of raw data for creating a new bot personality from scratch in any bot programming language!

More information about the Superbot may be found at:

Pandorabots Store Opens has opened a new gift shop, just in time for the Holidays. You can purchase a souvenir Pandorabots T-Shirt, Long Sleeve, Haynes Beefy T, emblazoned with the message "Will you be my master?" in seven languages. Just visit the web site and click on the "Shop" link to visit the new Pandorabots store!

RebeccaAIML C++ AIML Interpreter

RebeccaAIML is a Windows/Linux Object Oriented C++ chatter bot api/interpreter for AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) from the ALICE project. It includes comprehensive documentation and samples as well as showcases/teaches popular and recent C++ practices.

Rebecca is open source and licensed under the LGPL license. The project resides on Sourceforge at

RebeccaAIML has been compiled and tested underneath Windows XP as well as Linux Fedora Core 3. However, it should be easily movable to other flavors of Linux or other Unixes easily.

AIML to LABCODE Conversion

AtomicUs, co-owner of Lots-A-Bots, has announced that their company can now convert AIML into their own LABCODE. This can be very exciting for botmasters. Not only can you get the power of AIML, but you also get the variable and mathematical functionality, the translations, and the system calls of RunABot. On top of that you get our unique features of string functions, loops, logic, variable assigning, and easy coding.

Lots-A-Bots is one year old now and going strong, in the attempts to gather the work done in chatbot AI from all bot sites for the benefit of this field. Lots-A-Bots looks forward to working in conjunction with the ALICE foundation community for this purpose.

Art Project Using Chatbots

William Luttrell, an artist working chatbots and AIML, writes, "Each year a group of artists creates an online advent calendar for Halloween, or Gothtober (not all content suitable for children). A friend and I decided to create a project incorporating chatbots. I'd thought you might be interested in stopping by and seeing what we created. Visit then click on door #26. I'd like to say thank you, and hope you enjoy what we've created using the knowledge and tools you've made available through your site. I spent a fair amount of time adding to, and tweaking some of the basic aiml sets but I'm still just a beginner and hope to improve my chatbots as I study the logs and learn more about programming aiml. Thanks again for your site and I hope you enjoy our little project."

Cybora -A Portuguese AIML Set

AIML community member Paul Gonlves has generously created a free Portuguese AIML set. The bot, named Cybora, may be downloaded from the A. I. Foundation web site, along with other free AIML sets, at