Pandorabots Standalone Edition SAE 1.01 - Click to see full size image

Pandorations Announces Standalone Server" has announced announced the release of their Lisp-based AIML server for individual, commercial and academic use. This means, instead of hosting your bot on, you can host the bot on your own server with total control over the database and all hard disk access. A version of the Pandorabots Standalone Edition (SAE 1.01) competed in the Loebner Prize 2005 in New York in September, 2005. One of the four finalists in the contest, this application demonstrated its ability to migrate robustly from the multiple-bot hosting model to the single bot on-site application model. Contact for more information

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Jabberywacky wins Loebner Prize 2005

The Loebner Prize contest has always been a superconducting supermagnet for controversy, and this year was no exception. It may be years before the full story comes out, but suffice it to say that the A.I Foundation was honored to have ALICE Silver Edition selected to be among the four finalists. None of the four competing bots was ranked more human than any of the human confederates by any of the judges, and ALICE was ranked fourth place. The award for most human computer and our congratulations go to Rollo Carpenter, creator of Jabberwacky, Transcripts from the contest may be found at: The file is 28.6 Mb.

The story was big news in Britian, making the BBC and the front page of the Guardian.