ALICE Silver Edition Enters Loebner 05

Hugh Loebner reports that he has received seven entries for the 2005 Loebner Prize Contest ( The contestants are:

ContestantWeb Site
Ljubomir Raicevic
Richard Wallace et
Vladimir Veselov
Matthew R Kiefer
Rollo Carpenter
Steven Watkins
Kris Schnee

Dr. Loebner will test their entries, and announce the Final Four within a few weeks. The 2005 Loebner Prize Contest will be held on Sunday, September 18th in New York City.

Shakespeare Bot Project Completed

Shakespearebot the final year project of software engineering degree student Elizabeth Perreau. ShakespeareBot is an online interactive ChatterBot with the capability to hold a real-time human-like conversation with a user. Answering questions about his life and works. The bot can also chat about anything you like, the weather, your job, your favorite food - in fact anything you can think of! You can chat with Shakespearebot at

The is a chance to win 25/$50 in amazon vouchers for all people that complete a survey she has written to evaluate the bot. If you start a conversation a link will appear for the survey.

Ms. Perreau would appreciate it if anyone had a spare 5 minutes that you visit ShakespeareBot and fill out the survey

FAQ: Is there an API allowing other programs to talk to a Pandorabot?

Yes! But the answer is buried in some rather hard to find documents, so we'll try to pull them together for you here. The first place to look is the Pandorabots FAQ, with the rather improbable URL of, then scroll down to subsection H.2. Bored already? Want to start coding? Fortunately some nice folks have already done the hard work for you.

Do you want to program an interface in Flash to communicate with Pandorabots? Jamie Durrant has written a very nice tutorial showing exactly how to do this:

How about Perl? Allenz from Marznet has written and documented a Perl script we've archived here: perl_pandora.txt.

FAQ: Are there any ALICE and AIML Forums?

There are several "unofficial" forums already in existence, such as AI Nexus Forum ( , Botworld ( or Digital Girl (

We also recommend you check out the ALICE and AIML mailing lists here at For the highest quality news and latest information, please join the ALICE A. I. Foundation at Or, if you are already a member, take a moment to renew your membership. Your generous contribution helps our ongoing effort to promote the development and adoption of free AIML software.

Program N Hosted as ActiveX Object

Program N (AIMLpad) developer Gary Dubuque recently responded to a request for AIMLpad to be hosted as an ActiveX object. He retained the functionality of the AIML engine and some of the functionality of the AIMLpad scripting language in the AIML.OCX implementation. You can make this work in a VB6 program. Just add the OCX to your toolbox, drag it onto the form you want, and code to the single
function Reply$ = objAlice.Talk(Request$)
is the name of the OCX on the form. It can be made single threaded, or be be recompiled to be an apartment threaded DLL if you want to try it as a middle tier COM object. Go to to download the ActiveX control. Also, you will need to download the AIMLpad application to build the supporting database that the control runs on from your raw AIML. You can find more information in the AIML developer mailing list archive, specifically about programming with it in Macromedia's Director.

flashBot with human voice and lip synchronization running on Program E

Alfredo is a highly-customizable talking bot which you can put on any PHP/MySQL website. He accepts input from the keyboard and responds in a human voice (optionally your own) with perfect lip synchronization. His input patterns and output templates are easily programmed in AIML. Alfredo can be Jessica the saleslady, Ronald the teacher, Marian the site guide, Erwin the troubadour or any other implementation you can think of.


Visit Alfredo at

Robot-Hosting Wins First Stage Business Competition

Along with, Tractor-driving robots and foreign language learning software are among the latest crop of bright ideas from the 2005 edition of Spark: The University of Auckland Entrepreneurship Challenge.

The ventures are among 11 qualifiers announced June 30 in Spark's $40K Challenge, aimed at turning first class ideas into world class businesses. The finalist will be selected in September is a producer of software simulated robots. Their robots have artificial intelligence, three dimensional animated models and look human-like. They have emotions and logical reasoning ability. Users can talk with their robots with natural language through typing or by voice, with the robots having human voice and facial expressions to express their emotions. They can act as customer service operators, or teachers to talk about your products or services over the internet or in a kiosk. To date, their robots have been working as museum guides, assistant lecturers for different courses for different Universities and customer service operators for e-commerce web sites.

ChatterBean 0.7.5 Alpha Now Available

Helio Perroni Filho reports that the free Java AIML Chatterbean release 0.7.5 is now available. Changes include:

For more details, head to the ChatterBean homepage:

The Role of Intelligent Agents on Learner Performance Studied

Graduate students George Veletsianos and Theano Yerasimou and Assistant Professor Aaron Doering at the University of Minnesota have created a male and a female conversational agent that assist students with the design and development of their electronic portfolios At present they are examining the data collected from two courses and analyzing their findings. A preliminary report is available for download here: