Supermodel Bot Sells Auto

Quoting from an article in the June 13 issue of Interactive Advertising Age by Kris Oser: "An interactive ad at laddie-title Web site racked 16,000 registrants in a three week period...The ad features a video version of VH1 VJ Rachel Perry...Ms. Perry is actually avatar compiled from 400 video clips, powered by artificial intelligence, explained Adi Sideman, CEO, Oddcast, the New York technology company that developed the avatar. 'Any line or phrase that is typed in is checked against thousands of keywords and phrases'."

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"To a line like, 'What's your sign?' Rachel responds with a grimace and remark: 'Has that line ever worked?' To 'Want to go for a ride?' she remarks, 'Can't you come up with anything better than that?'" The point of the game is to choose a pickup line that Rachel will like, and pass on to the next level in the site.


The controversial Turing Original Imitation Game (as opposed to the Turing Test, first instantiatied in the real world Loebner Prize), was organized this year by Cameo Wood and colleagues at Simon's Rock College of Bard in Great Barrington, Ma. ALICE Silver Edition was their bot of choice to play the role of the lying man. Their story was covered this month in WIRED, p. 96. Here is a link to the text online: Author Clive Thompson, who previously profiled Dr. Wallace for the New York Times Magazine, wrote, "Yet, in terms of Turing success, ALICE had one of her best days ever. Of the 42 people who completed both rounds, 23 never suspected she wasn't a real woman, or if they did, they didn't reveal it. Why did the bot do so well? Because, as Wood's team realized, the Turing test includes a brilliant social hack. By forcing male chatters to pretend to be something they're not, the men performed awkwardly and gracelessly. kind of like a bot. Both ALICE and the men got tripped up by the question .What size panty hose do you wear?. None knew the sizes are A, B, C, and Q, not S, M. and L."

Jesus Bot Author Improves ALICE Learning

John Campbell, botmaster of the popular Sylvie bot at, has made significant improvments to the AIML file Badnaswer.aiml, which allows clients to teach the bot new answers to inputs they want answered differently. John noticed that the original AIML script didn't handle multi-sentence inputs properly, so he rewrote the script and kindly donated it back to the open source AAA ALICE set. He also wrote some excellent documentation, which may be found alongside the Badanswer.aiml file in the AAA table at

Buddhabot makes big Public Splash

Buddhabot Crane TV Gran Prix

Apparently Robot Spiritual Leaders are a trend. Interest in Botmaster Ron Ingram's Buddhabot ( has surged since the Buddhabot's debut at the Canadian Grand Prix weekend in Montreal on June 12th. During this event, an estimated 2.5 million spectators saw Buddhabot messages displayed on giant TV screens suspended from cranes and buildings. Now commercials like this one are set to begin airing on local cable television channels throughout Canada. (You should watch this MPEG commercial it is really cool). Read Ron's full press releease here:

ALICE at Academic Conference

Huma Shah gave an invited talk on ALICE at 2005 European Computing and Philosophy conference in Vasteran, Sweden. Huma is a graduate student at the University of Westminster who previously published a paper called A. L. I. C. E. - an ACE in Digitaland ( Huma has generously donated the powerpoint slides from her talk to to AI Foundation where they may be viewed here in PDF form:

FAQ: What is the difference between ALICE and ALICE Silver Edition?

There are several important differences between the free version of ALICE on this website and the subscription bot ALICE Silver Edition:

Jackie and the brain

Another quote: "Jackie was a very simple computer program that simulated half of a human conversation which I wrote in Visual Basic in December of 1994 as an entry for the 1995 Loebner Prize. At her heart was a look up table that was built up by having numerous people interact with her converstaionally. The look up table consisted of a stimulus, a response and a number of supplementary indexes to the stimulus. The key to Jackie's heart, and her uniqueness, were her supplemental indexes."

Chris McKinstry sent a link to his blog first, and Kim Sullivan found the full story at Kuro5hin.

Interactive AI Games

Jonathan Brody notified us that on June 6, 2005 The New York Times ran a story (text archived here) on interactive/AI games which refers to Facade, a text-input NLP simulation ( The site links to a paper ( which makes considerable reference to AIML in comparison to their own parsing model, which is based on pragmatics rather than semantics. An interesting read, and possibly relevant to advancing AIML. One particulary noteworthy feature is that, in addition to establishing * as a wildcard, they use ? to represent a single-word wildcard.

Although, AIML guru Kim Sullivan pointed out that a single word wilcard can be achieved using 2 AIML patterns:
<pattern>WORDS * *</pattern>
<pattern>WORDS *</pattern> <!-- this works like a single word wildcard -->
Nice work, Kim!