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AIML 1.0.1 Tag Set

Last Revised March 6, 2005

The tags in this table correspond to the set of AIML Tags adopted by the AIML Architecture committee for the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) Version 1.0.1 A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation Working Draft, 18 February 2005 (rev 007). This table updates an older document based on AIML 1.0, for comparison see the AIML 1.0 Tags Set.

In the table, XML tags are shown in a shorthand notation. Closing tags are not shown. The index attribute whenever it appears is optional. The default value is index="1" (or index="1,1" for 2-d indexes). The index tag uses offset one indexing.

AIML TagWD ReferenceRemark
<aiml>3.2. AIML Element AIML block delimeter
<topic name="X">4. Topic X is AIML pattern
<category>5. Category AIML knowledge unit
<pattern>6. Pattern AIML input pattern
<that>6.1. Pattern-side That contains AIML pattern
<template>7. Template AIML response template
<star index="N"/>7.1.1. Star binding of *
<that index="M,N"/>7.1.2. Template-side That previous bot utterance
<input index="N"/>7.1.3. Input input sentence
<thatstar index="N"/>7.1.4. Thatstar binding of * in that
<topicstar index="N"/>7.1.5. Topicstar binding of * in topic
<get name="XXX"/>7.1.6. Get Botmaster defined XXX, default
<bot name="XXX"/> Bot Custom bot parameter
<sr/>7.1.7. Short-cut elements <srai><star/></srai>
<person2/>7.1.7. Short-cut elements <person2><star/></person2;>
<person/>7.1.7. Short-cut elements <person><star/></person;>
<gender/>7.1.7. Short-cut elements <gender><star/></gender;>
<date/>7.1.8. System-defined predicates date and time
<id/>7.1.8. System-defined predicates client identifer
<size/>7.1.8. System-defined predicates # of categories loaded
<version/>7.1.8. System-defined predicates AIML program version
<uppercase>7.2.1. Uppercase convert all text to Uppercase
<lowercase>7.2.2. Lowercase convert all text to Lowercase
<formal>7.2.3. Formal capitalize every word
<sentence>7.2.4. Sentence capitalize the first word
<condition name="X" value="Y">7.3.1. Condition One shot branch
<condition name="X">7.3.1. Condition Single predicate branch
<condition>7.3.1. Condition Multi predicate branch
<random>7.3.2. Random Random uniform selection
<li name="X" value="Y">7.3.1. Condition used by <condition>
<li value="Y">7.3.1. Condition used by <condition>
<li>7.3.2. Random used by <random>,<condition>
<set name="XXX">7.4.1. Set May return XXX or value
<gossip>7.4.2. Gossip Append to file
<srai>7.5.1. SRAI Recursion
<person2>7.6.1. Person2 swap 1st & 3rd person
<person>7.6.2. Person swap 1st & 2nd person
<gender>7.6.3. Gender change gender pronouns
<think>7.7.1. Think Hides side-effects
<learn>7.7.2. Learn AIML loading
<system>7.8.1. System platform-dependent
<javascript>7.8.2. JavaScriptJavascript

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