The A. I. Chat Robot DAVE the English Teacher replies in perfect English just like a private English teacher or human chat partner! With tens of thousands of words in its vocabulary, he is the perfect private tutor.

Dave is completely safe and will never contact you by email or phone. You can chat about any topic for as long as you like up to one month!

DAVE E. S. L. Bot

Sample Dialog
Human:are you dave the ESL bot?
Bot:Yes I am DAVE E.S.L. bot.
Human:what is your surname?
Bot:E. S. L. Bot
Human:and your first name?
Bot:My first name is DAVE.
Human:no what is your first name?
Bot:Are you serious? DAVE.
Human:okay, what does dave stand for?
Bot:Yeah okay, DAVE = Dynamic Advanced Version Equipment.

Note: Chat robot subscription includes unlimited chatting with the A. I. for one month. Upon payment processing you will receive an email with a unique private URL web address to chat with the DAVE bot. Your subscription will usually begin within 24-36 hours. Sorry, no refunds.

Practice your English through fun conversation with DAVE, ALICE's official English Teacher Edition, programmed by Dr. Wallace himself! Endless hours of entertainment and learning in a safe online environment.

Only $9.99

Click here for unlimited chat with the DAVE E.S.L. bot for a full month! Note: DAVE is not a subscription service. You will be charged only once.