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Be Your Own Botmaster, 2nd Edition

Be Your Own Botmaster, 2nd Edition your step by step guide to Pandorabots, an online web based bot hosting service based on ALICE and AIML. You can use Pandorabots to create your own custom bot for fun, online chat. Be Your Own Botmaster is fully illustrated with screen shots to make it easy for you to follow this guide to getting your bot up and running on Pandorabots. This book contains all original material by Dr. Wallace and is not available elsewhere. Order your copy of Be Your Own Botmaster today!

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Be Your Own Botmaster is your guide to a journey that begins with creating your own A. I. Chat bot on Pandorabots and teaches you how to modify the bot personality with AIML tags, then explains how to publish your bot on the web and attract clients and even paying customers to chat with your bot. The Pandorabots bot hosting service is a unique way to get your chat robot up and running quickly and easily. Be Your Own Botmaster includes exercises and an index that make this book your essential guide to the Pandorabots bot hosting service.

Great for Student Projects!

The section and subsection headings of Be Your Own Botmaster include:

By following the steps in this easy to understand reference guide, you will have your bot chatting on web pages and in chat rooms in no time.

Note: Your purchase of the book, Be Your Own Botmaster, is a donation to the ALICE A. I. Foundation, a non profit organization. Upon payment processing you will receive an email a copy of the book in MS Word format. You may also request plain text or Adobe PDF format. Sorry, no refunds.