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Ten Killer Apps for A.L.I.C.E. and AIML

Dr. Richard S. Wallace


1. ESL Bot

ESL sites are the #1 source of traffic to Alicebot.org. ESL students need a lot of practice chatting in English, and the bot provides a very safe environment in which to practice.

2. FAQbot

Any FAQ can be converted to AIML easily. Any organization or individual answering a set of frequently asked questions can reduce their workload with a bot.

3. Toy

Combined with speech recognition, creates talking teddy bear or other toy. Falling prices of embedded microcontrollers and DSPs make A.I. toys practical.

4. Celebrity Bot

Fans of Britney Spears can go to her fan site and chat with Britney Bot. ELVIS and John Lennon have already been done, and there is likely to be a "land rush" on deceased celebrity names: Timothy Leary, Andy Warhol, Ronald Reagan, JFK, Frank Zappa, Richard Nixon, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Travolta, O.J. Simpson, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Picasso, Janis Joplin, and finitely many more.

5. Personal Assistant

Voice-based personal secretary handles finances, address book, database and email. All of the most common computer applications will have natural language voice based interfaces.

6. IM Plugin

Instant Messaging users can set their chat connection to "automatic" or "manual".

7. Targeting Tool

Programs to assist the botmaster analyze the log files and add bot content.

8. Bot Hosting

Many people cannot afford 24/7 Web connections but would like to have their bots always online.

9. Social Security Bot

Many disabled and retiring people have basic questions about benefits, applications, eligibility, and other aspects of the Social Security process.

10. Go Ask A.L.I.C.E.: Harm Reduction Bot

Help reduce the harmful effects of hard drug use by providing truthful information to drug users.